Aeneas Tacticus 38.6-8: retrieving stones.

Advice on how to retrieve stones used to throw at the enemy; ways to allow men to climb down the walls by night and to return safely.






6. Do not allow stones to be thrown indiscriminately, and take measures, too, to recover at night those which have been thrown during the day. 7. Men should be lowered over the wall in baskets to pick them up; and you should hang out boar-nets or stag-nets or rope ladders to enable the men engaged on this duty to climb up again. 8. There should be a ladder for each man, so that if any of them get into difficulties there will be no time lost in climbing up. The gates should not on any account be opened by night: use ladders of this kind, or anything you please.






It seems that Aeneas is willing to risk a lot in order to retrieve stones to throw at the enemy - clearly, if the siege went on for a while, even stones could become a valuable commodity.





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