Aeneas: Testimonia

What some ancient writers say about Aeneas.

Translated passages available in the Loeb edition (Oldfather et al. 1923); the Loeb translation is used here.

  • Aelian Tactica 1.2: And upon the subject of tactics in Homer we have read Stratocles and Hermeas and Fronto the ex-consul of our own time. Now the theory has been elaborated both by Aeneas in detail (and he also composed a considerable number of military manuals, of which Cineas the Thessalian made an epitome), and by Pyrrhus of Epirus, who composed a treatise on tactics, and by Alexander his son, and by Clearchus.

  • Aelian Tactica 3.4. Aeneas defined it (i.e. tactics) as the science of military movements, but the definition of Polybius was that tactics was when a man took an unorganised crowd, arranged it, divided it into companies, grouped them together, and gave them a practical military training.

  • Polybius 10.44. discusses Aeneasí suggestions for long distance communication, taken from another work which is not preserved. Polybius 10 can be read at Lacus Curtius (scroll down to ch. 44).

  • Julius Africanusí Kestoi include a number of extracts from Aeneas (see Loeb edition of Aeneas, p.206-225).


Aeneas' other works mentioned in the Poliorketika

Aeneas himself refers to others of his military works (or perhaps books on specific subjects belonging to one major work on warfare). Titles in brackets give the rather free versions of Hunter & Handford (1927) whose translation is used on this site.

- preparations for a campaign (mentioned in 7.4, 8.5, 40.8, perhaps the source for Polyb. 10.44)
Procurement (Ways and Means)
- the financial aspects of warfare (mentioned in 14.2.)
Encampment (On Campaigning)
- the actual conduct of a campaign. This book was still in the planning stage, as he suggests in 21.2.
A book on how to counter plots
- book mentioned in 11.2. without giving its title.
Announcements (Addressing Troops)
- apparently a book dealing with the duty of a commander to give speeches to his troops; mentioned in 38.5.


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