Aeneas Tacticus:
War, Politics and Literature in Classical Greece


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Nick Barley
PhD Student, Swansea University
Thesis on military leadership in Classical Greece.

Marco Bettalli
Professor of Greek History, University of Siena.
Edition, translation and commentary: Enea Tattico. La difesa di una città assediata (1990).

Bogdan Burliga
Assistant Professor in Classical Philology, Gdansk University.
Currently writing an English commentary on Aeneas; Polish Translation and Commentary: Eneasz Taktyk. Obrona oblezonego miasta (1998).

Ben Gourley
Project aand Fieldwork Officer, Department of Archaeology, York University
Was the Architect and Surveyor of the Stymphalos Project (1997-2004); several publications on the fortificatins and town plan of Stymphalos; currently assistant director, Sikyon Survey.

Colin Hough
PhD Student, Swansea University.
Thesis on Classical/Hellenistic warfare.

Robin Lane Fox
Fellow in Ancient History, New College, Oxford.
Political history and warfare in the Classical and Hellenistic period (Alexander, Xenophon). Editor of The Long March. Xenophon and the Ten Thousand (2004), which serves as a model for our planned conference volume.

Peter Liddel
Lecturer in Ancient History, Manchester University.
Currently directing a major research project on Inscriptions in Greek and Latin texts.

Maria Pretzler
Lecturer in Ancient History, Swansea University. Conference organiser.
Interest in Peloponnesian history and small poleis; current research on the Peloponnesian League.

Tracey Rihll
Senior Lecturer in Ancient History, Swansea University.
Specialist in Greek science and technology; e.g. The Catapult. A History (2007).

Jim Roy
Honorary Research Fellow, University of Nottingham.
Expert in Peloponnesian history, especially Arcadia and Elis; has published widely on mercenaries.

Nicholas Sekunda
Lecturer, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Torun University.
Has widely published on Greek warfare.

Philip de Souza (Dublin)
Lecturer in Ancient History, University College, Dublin.
Has widely published on ancient warfare and piracy.

Jose Vela Tejada
Professor in Ancient History, University of Zaragoza.
Translation of Aeneas: Eneas el Tático, Poliorcetica (1991);
Monograph on Aeneas’ language: Estudio sobre la lengua de la Poliorcetica de Eneas el Tactico (1991).

David Whitehead
Professor in Ancient History, Queen’s University, Belfast.
Author of the only recent translation (with commentary) of Aeneas in English: Aineias the Tactician: How to Survive Under Siege (1990).


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