Aeneas Tacticus 35.





35. Inflammable Materials

1. You yourself may make a fierce fire, which is impossible to put out, with the following materials: pitch, sulphur, tow, pounded gum of frankincense, and pine sawdust. Put these into a vessel, set a light to them, and apply them to any articles belonging to the enemy which you wish to catch fire.




35. Πυρὸς σκευασία

1. Αὐτὸν δὲ πῦρ σκευάζειν ἰσχυρὸν ὧδε, ὅπερ οὐ πάνυ τι κατασβέννυται. πίσσαν, θεῖον, στυππεῖον, μάνναν λιβανωτοῦ, δᾳδὸς πρίσματα ἐν ἀγγείοις ἐξάπτοντα προσφέρειν, ἐὰν βούλῃ τῶν πολεμίων τι ἐμπρησθῆναι.

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