Aeneas Tacticus 8.





8. [Securing the Countryside]

1. Next, if invasion by a superior force is anticipated, access, encampment, and foraging must be rendered difficult for the enemy; rivers must be made hard to cross and their banks flooded. 2. Besides this, traps must be laid to hinder landing on sandy or rocky shores; booms must be placed at the mouths of harbours in the city or home territory, to prevent the enemy from sailing in, or to cut off the escape of any ships that have sailed in; 3. articles purposely left in the fields which are likely to be useful to the enemy, as for making walls or tents, or for any similar purpose, must be either rendered useless or else put out of sight; 4. food, drink and growing crops ‹must be…›; all standing water in the neighbourhood must be made unfit to drink; ground suitable for the operations of cavalry must be made impracticable; and so forth. 5. All particulars of these arrangements I here omit, to avoid, as I said, undue repetition: a full discussion of them will be found in my Preparations for Defence.






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